Many gardeners live by the seasons, starting their planning in winter, seed sowing in spring and harvesting their good in the summer and fall. With this cycle, it is easy to get stuck in a gardening rut simply by planting and growing the flowers. When we are comfortable growing things that we know, it can be hard to branch out into different things, leaving our gardens looking the same year after year.

For many long-term gardeners, they often find that their garden has gone unchanged for years on end, so breaking out of this gardening rut is the perfect thing to do in the summer months. Simply trying something new can be enough to freshen up your garden, so if you’re looking for how to get out of a rut, then here are some handy tips.

Buy A New Plant

If you’ve successfully grown the same flowers or plants for years now, then it may be time for you to add something new to your garden collection. Take a browse around your local garden centre and see if anything takes your eye, or order something a little more exotic online. There’s always something exciting about the prospect of growing something new and if it gives you the perfect opportunity to break out of the gardening rut you are in, then even better.

As well as trying a whole new variety of plant or flower, if your garden features a lot of the same colours, then why not consider adding a splash of vibrant colour. Pinks and reds add a lot of depth to a garden, especially if it is all green or, if you have a water feature in your garden, then add some blue flowers around the borders to bring out the water.

Extend Your Home

The garden is a pride and joy for all gardeners and many love to simply admire their work from afar rather than be in amongst it and enjoying the smells and textures which so many flowers and plants offer. This can often be one of the biggest ways that gardeners find themselves in a gardening rut. If, in the summer, you love spending time outdoors tending to your plants and flowers, or sitting in your conservatory and admiring the view of the garden you have created, then why not extend your home into your garden and creating an outdoor dining or sitting room? This way, you’ll get to enjoy your garden and it creates a whole new use for it.

To create an outdoor living area, all you need to do is dedicate a space for you to use – a shaded corner or area of a patio works perfectly. Then simply add the necessities which you will need, such as a cooking facility, garden corner sofa or a 6 Seater Rattan Garden Furniture. Add some beautiful garden accessories, such as ornaments or candles, and some beautiful planters or pots filled with colourful flowers and plants to create the pathway from home to garden and you’ll have the most wonderful outdoor space.

Create A New Path

When you are out and about and see a path design or feature which stands out, then take a photo of it. Walkways are perfect for guiding your eye through your garden, as well as your feet. If your garden is lacking a garden path, then this is a great opportunity for you to add something completely different. Even just a few stepping stones between flower beds will completely change the way that you experience your garden.

Visit Somewhere New

If you’ve gotten completely overwhelmed at the thought of freshening up your garden, then it is worth just simply taking a walk. Visit a garden, go for a hike or take a stroll through the park. Not only will the fresh air do you some good, but you may see something which completely inspires you. Even in the winter months, gardens can be beautiful and it can be a great time of year to see the bare bones of the garden and how it works. In the summer, you’ll get to appreciate the summer blooms, which may give you some colour or flower inspiration.