Most air conditioning unit maintenance requires the knowledge and skills of trained, certified HVAC professionals like Dayton Heating & Air. However, in addition to the thorough inspection and cleaning that we will perform during your maintenance appointment, there are other tasks that you, as a homeowner, can get done yourself.

Homeowners who are comfortable inspecting their home’s air conditioning units may take these few preventative measures and even perform a few easy repairs that we will be sharing below.

Read on.


Tip 1: Clean Your Air Conditioning Condenser

We’ll begin with an outside-the-house task: cleaning your AC condenser. Low cooling power from the air conditioner might be caused by dirt and obstructions that have accumulated over time on your system’s outside cabinet or condenser. To begin your DIY maintenance procedure, remove all clutter from the condensing unit and sweep the cabinet with a broom to allow the condenser to “breathe” and improve airflow.

Tip 2: Landscaping Around Your AC Unit

Trim any bushes or plants that are in contact with or clinging to the outside of your air conditioner. Allowing them to spread close to the air conditioner can decrease airflow, which puts pressure on the entire system.


Tip 1: Keep Your Air Conditioner Unit Clean

When working on the indoor AC unit, the first step is to turn off the electricity. Then, open the unit and inspect any parts that may need to be cleaned or dusted, such as the condenser fan, condenser coils, and fins.

Tip 2: Check Your Thermostat

Making sure that your home’s thermostat is set correctly is always important since sometimes the issue is as simple as the thermostat being set incorrectly. Nowadays, switching to a smart thermostat from an older home’s mechanical thermostat is a wise decision. You may configure temperatures at specific times with these “smart” models. Some other modern types allow you to closely monitor your cooling (and heating) consumption and are programmable via smartphone applications.

Tip 3: Inspect and Replace Your AC Air Filter Regularly

Your system air filter is by far one of the most important and easiest-to-maintain parts of your HVAC system, yet you’d be surprised how frequently this task is neglected. HVAC filters acquire dust as they run over time, and eventually, the dust will clog the filter so thoroughly that it will obstruct the passage of air. Clean air filters not only improve the efficiency of your air conditioner but also enhance the quality of the air in your household. Dayton Heating & Air recommends replacing the filter every one to three months.

Tip 4: Clean Your AC Unit’s Evaporator Coil

Clean the evaporator coils as much as you can. A heat pump’s or air conditioner’s evaporator coil is the component that collects heat from the indoor air. They are situated above the air handling unit in the plenum. Evaporator coils can get clogged with dust, grime, and other particles that build up over time. They must be fully cleaned to keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

Tip 5: Clean and Inspect Your Home’s Ductwork

You should also check the ductwork to ensure that your home’s cooling systems are functioning properly. If the ductwork is dusty or blocked, airflow may be restricted. Keep debris out of the floor and ceiling vents that might get into your home’s air ducts to boost airflow. Additionally, keep a watch out for air leaks in the ducting.

Tip 6: Contact an HVAC Professional

While each of the aforementioned steps can be performed 100{48d78aceb016a93046b5bafa06229cd899d587931d024f96af7fb904478beeb9} independently, don’t hesitate to contact us at Dayton Heating & Air if any of this appears to be overwhelming or if you would like to have a professional come out and do it for you. We handle the additional tasks you can’t complete on your own with our thorough HVAC maintenance in Gainesville, FL, so you can prevent unexpected breakdowns throughout the year.

At Dayton Heating & Air, we can serve and assist you with any air conditioning repair in Gainesville, FL. Our skilled technicians can also handle any heating, cooling, or plumbing service requirements for your home or business. Please contact us at (352) 317-2132 or visit us at our office at any time!