In the rainy season like now the role of home renovation services is becoming increasingly important. Given the rainy season often creates new problems at home. Thus, proper home renovation is needed so that problems do not occur at home. Therefore, it is important to use professional remodeling services like the Hercules roofing to avoid unnecessary expenses.

When you want to renovate a house using renovation services, it is definitely inevitable that it is on the roof of the house. Given the roof often experiences leaks, so this makes this part often renovated. So, from that, below we provide a little reference for you in determining the model of the roof that best suits your home design.

Various Types of Roofing Models

  • Saddle roof – This roof model is shaped like a saddle. Namely, shaped triangular prism. This design is very simple and very safe. This roof is perfect for all types of home building styles. In addition, operational costs are also much more affordable. If there is a house leak, then the location of the leak is easy to detect. So, it’s more practical!
  • Limasan Roof – If the gable roof has a very high absorption from solar radiation and from the heat of the sun, then the pyramid roof is shaped like a pyramid geometry. Even though the manufacturing process is very difficult, everything will pay off with a beautiful appearance. This roof is able to protect the house well, from heavy rain and hot sun.
  • Sandar Roof – This type of roof is shaped like an easel. This roof is often chosen by home contractors because it is well suited for modern style home design. By using this roof will make the house look more futuristic. So, this makes this roof often chosen when people want to renovate their houses.
  • Flat Roofs – Some home contractor service providers often use this roof. This flat-shaped roof is actually not really flat, this roof has a slight inclination to drain rainwater downward. Typically, this roof is used for design temperature to present a firm impression and to dry clothes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Model of House Roof

  1. You should just choose the right roof frame. Choose only those that are rain resistant and resistant to sunlight. In addition, choose also a sturdy and strong. Because this roof will be to support the roof of the house. So, from that, you should just choose a roof that is made of sturdy steel, modern, and must be strong. In addition, the roof must also be free of termites.
  2. In addition, consider also the weather factors well when choosing a roof. Because to decide what kind of roof that is right you have to pay attention in terms of weather factors where you live. By paying attention to the weather factor where you live, this will help you to determine the right roof and not easily damaged.
  3. Pay attention to the process of installing the roof of the house properly. Because very often there are several types of roof frames that turn out the installation process is very difficult. So from that, pay attention to the right roof frame so it does not take much time in the installation process.
  4. Pay attention in terms of roofing material and its thickness well. As you know, there are many kinds of roofing materials. Especially if you look at it in terms of thickness. Then you must pay attention in terms of home needs. Do not let it turn out that the roof of the house that is too thick actually makes the aesthetic value damaged and unsightly.
  5. It should also be noted about the quality of the product and its guarantee properly. Everyone will want to have the best product. In addition, everyone also certainly wants to have a durable roof. That way, there will be no waste with roof problems. Choose a guaranteed roof so that you don’t feel disadvantaged in the future.
  6. Pay attention to the quality of the roof material that is good and quality. If necessary, try to find information on each roof raw material that you will choose. Never rush into choosing roofing materials, because this can affect your budget. So, also take into account the budget funds to buy a house roof and note the right roof so that budget expenditures are not increasingly inflated.