Your garage might be that part of your home you don’t love to visit because of the state it is currently in.

You might have been browsing the internet to get ideas on how to improve it, you need to know that you just found the right place.

1. Use open shelves instead of closed cabinets

According to users of, open shelves make items less cluttered up compared with when they are kept in closed cabinets. Using open shelves also keeps items off the floor. When you keep things off the garage floor there will be room for your car.  It is also easy to sort out items if they are hung on the wall and not in piles at a corner. Buy shelves and cabinets with legs that are high enough for you to clean the floor under them.

2. Keep it organised and tidy

Dispose of items you no longer need. You should sell old car parts at car part shops  to make room for important items. Draw a timetable for cleaning your garage. You should also make a list of where each item belongs, you can paste this list somewhere in the garage to make it easy to glance through when you are looking for things. The garage is not a room where old materials are dumped and forgotten, keep your garage clean and organized.

3.  Construct a workbench

You can easily construct your workbench by yourself or you order online. Ensure you order from a reliable source. You should check the item well before ordering it, to make sure it is not a workbench that will not be convenient to use. You don’t need to get an expensive workbench, if there is furniture in your home that can be converted to one, that will be fine. Just get something neat and easy to use.

4. Keep items on overhead space

You can hang items you don’t use often on the ceiling, this will also create more leg space and room for important items that should be on the floor. Make sure things you hang on the ceiling do not disturb any movement of humans or items. Make sure they are not positioned in a place where they can scratch the roof of your car or hinder the closing of the garage door.

5. Use Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coating is easy to clean and maintain. It is an anti skid floor with coatings that resist oil stains. It is easy to clean just like the countertop of a kitchen. The nature of the Epoxy floor coating will give your garage some radiance. The colour disguises imperfections making your garage look like that perfect place you have always wanted it to be. You can source online materials on how to make your Epoxy floor coating.


Follow these steps and see that huge transformation in your garage. You don’t need to break the bank to achieve this.