Recently the industrial-inspired interior design theme has become a popular trend in modern homes.

This theme is super indulgent, think about warehouse conversion, you can go all out with its design while spicing it up with your personality.

It is one of the most requested designs, especially among new homeowners and renovators.

Specifically, rustic industrial decor is gaining a lot of traction in the interior design industry.

Its crudeness and simple fashion feel which appears seemingly unfinished give any space some character.

The polished accents and minimalistic approach is what makes this style so special.

However, some people have exclaimed that it is a little bit challenging to find design elements and furniture to achieve this type of interior design theme.

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With this in mind, let us take a look at some of a few ways you can play around with elements to achieve an industrial theme style.

Ground your industrial interior design with a natural palette and plenty of textures

One of the greatest essentials for an industrial style interior design is certainly a rich colour palette that incorporates natural brown, white and black.

We can now envision how to recreate it.

We need to start with different shades of brown and tan to make the space feel relaxed and warm.

Then we can also add some elements of white to give the space a clean yet sophisticated look.

Then we finish it off with some black accents to create contrast with the other colours and add some character into the space.

To summarise, the perfect palette for a rustic industrial interior is a mix of many neutral colours, this will create a unique relaxed vibe in the space.

Also, with so many different colours available it is pretty easy to pick out your preferred pallet to achieve and maintain an industrial design decor.

The key to rustic industrial interior design: modern and rustic mix.

As we earlier brought up, the essential elements for an industrial style interior design are the mix of present-day elements and some rustic elements.

It’s also quite important to note that there is no absolute rule on the proportion of high and low elements that should go into the space in question; here you have full design freedom.

For example, you could create an equally stunning industrial interior design living room either with a slick black leather sofa or the distressed leather one; your choice really.

Also, you could opt for some rough walls or decide to paint them in plain white.

A mix of modern and rustic is essential for any industrial interior but how much of each to include depends on your own taste.

Both elements complement each other as they bring out the industrial theme.

Mixing and matching modern details with industrial charm.

The beauty of adding industrial elements into your home space is the ability to mix and match current contemporary styles that are on-trend with older, vintage-inspired architectural details.

The easiest room to design with an industrial theme in the kitchen.

Quickly instal some pendant lighting such as filament lighting that uses Edison-style bulbs which will create some industrial, retro lighting.

Pick out fixtures with rustic metallic details and there you go! Your kitchen is instantly transformed into an industrial theme.

Mix and match your furniture.

Embracing an industrial interior design into your home means creatively combining various types of furniture.

What you are looking for is making vintage elements appear smart and have a contemporary look.

To achieve this style of decor you can easily use a variety of old objects found throughout your house and place them in a way they strike as new or modern.

Also, it is extremely cheap considering you can reuse several items and furniture at the same time and create new furniture yourself instead of buying.


Industrial design themes are becoming popular by the day.

This design incorporates few elements that result in a modern, sophisticated look that is breathtaking, to say the least.

Simply take vintage accents and contrast them with contemporary elements, and there you go! An industrial theme design.

So, do not miss this trend, try out some of the tips we have discussed and you will be shocked by the impact it makes on your living spaces.