Electricity is a major need for everyone. Especially for households, electricity can fulfill all basic needs practically, for example, to cook rice, watch television, charge smartphone batteries, to lighting needs. When installing or repairing the electrical in your home, you can hire the Electrician Colorado Springs.

In addition to knowing the functions of various electrical devices, of course, you must have a number of basic electrical devices to launch the operation of various electronic devices at home. So, what are the electrical appliances that must be available at home?

  1. Electric Socket

The first electrical appliance that must be available in various corners of the house is a socket. This electrical appliance in the form of a socket is a connecting point in charge of delivering the main electricity to various electronic devices that are in your dwelling and paired by means of being implanted into the wall or using cables.

This electric appliance has different types, shapes, sizes, currents and voltage limits according to the standards of each country. For Indonesia, the outlets used are type C and type F with a frequency of 50 Hz and have a voltage of 220 voltage.

  1. Power Plug

Electric plug or commonly known as an electric plug is an electrical device that serves to deliver electricity that is connected to the socket. Meanwhile, the use of this electric tool is very easy because you can simply plug the plugin two-socket outlet in its direction.

  1. Electric Switch

Perhaps many people do not realize that a switch is different from a socket. The function of this electrical appliance is to cut off electricity in order to conserve household electricity usage. The use of a switch is very easy because it simply presses the button of this powerful tool in the direction of the surface to connect and disconnect the electric power.

  1. Lamp Fittings

Light fittings also become one of the electrical devices that must be found in every home. this one electric tool used as a place to put a light bulb in the middle. On the market, this electric appliance is available in two variants, namely the threaded model and the chopstick model which is paired by piercing the tip of the lamp into place.

  1. Electric Meter

Every house that connected to the electricity network should be equipped with a meter mounted on the wall of the house. Through this power tool, the amount of electrical power used by consumers will be seen in units of kWh (kilowatt-hour) and recorded by officers for payment.

  1. Electricity Safety

Each house is also required to use electric safety to minimize the potential for fires caused by short-circuiting. As electrical equipment to avoid over-current, you can choose electrical devices such as electric melting patrons or fuses, MCB or Miniature Circuit Breakers, grounding that works by channeling leakage of an electric current into the ground, and ELCB or Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker.

  1. Light Ballasts

The electric tool in the form of a lamp ballast has a duty to balance and regulate the electric current entering the lamp so that its performance is more stable and the lamp is protected from damage due to using the appropriate power characteristics. For installation, you can attach this electric appliance to the lampshade or be installed separately using a holder that is located close to the lamp.

  1. Power Cord

An electric appliance which is certainly mandatory at home is a cable that is in charge of delivering an electric current. On the market, there are three main variants of power cables that you can use, such as NYA power cables with a variety of colors, NYM which is white, and NYY which is black.

  1. Electric Socket

This one electric tool cannot be missed from the list of electrical devices that you must have at home. In general, the electric socket has the same function as a socket, only the use is more specific. This electric appliance serves to transmit electrical current to several types of home appliances, such as televisions or telephones with specially made holes.

  1. Socket Outlet Extension

Is your electric socket in your home limited? You can outsmart it by using this one electric tool. Socket extension is a cable connection that can increase plugs or sockets. In addition to adding, an electrical outlet extension device is also an extension socket. So, if you are using an electronic device with a limited position to reach the electric socket, you can use this electric socket extension tool to make it more flexible.